Outstanding service in the food service business

We can help with all the restaurant equipment supply needs, new locations, expansions and all the small details.

We have already established a reputation for outstanding customer service, our love for the food industry is the driving force behind Plano Restaurant Equipment. We prefer one happy customer to making a few extra dollars in profits. We are here to help no matter how big or small the project budget.  Single point restaurants, fast food chains, bars, food trucks, convenient food stores, micro breweries, concession stands, movie theatres and the list goes on but our outstanding service never stops. We only ask, “before you buy, give us a try!”

Indoor & outdoor

We assisted the Fish Shack, a North Texas seafood eatery, with all their restaurant equipment supply needs.


Restaurant design

The Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe needed our help when they decided to expand their wildly popular chain across North Texas.

Specific Themes

We provided all the kitchen equipment and restaurant furniture for Love and War in Texas, a Plano-based restaurant and live music venue.


More Clients